Smart Card Consulting

Selecting the right eID or smart card system is an ever-growing challenge. Let our experts guide you through everything from card profile development to maximizing ROI.

Smart Card Consult

Over the past two decades, we’ve helped 20-plus organizations, private and public, all over the world to turn their smart card technology investment into the best decision they’ve ever made, be they e-documents, PKI technologies, ePayment or eTicketing solutions. We’ve also teamed up with card manufacturers, card issuers and application providers to improve their smart card systems in the most secure, flexible and cost-effective way.

Working on public sector projects, we’ve seen that governments often have specific needs when it comes to personalizing electronic documents, which call for custom solutions. In these cases, our experts advise our clients on the most flexible and cost-effective technologies. Or even help them develop card profiles for documents that aren’t regulated by international standards, such as healthcare cards.


  • eID solutions
  • Healthcare cards
  • PKI solutions
  • ePayment
  • eTicketing
  • Global Platform compliant solutions
  • NFC


  • Software requirement specifications
  • Technical specifications
  • Card specifications
  • Test specifications
  • Test software
  • Test cases
  • Test reports


Learn about our latest projects from around the world and how they have benefited our clients.

japan passport

ID&Trust’s e-passport solution meets the strictest requirements in Japan

ID&Trust teamed up with leading multinational partners to develop an e-passport solution for the Japanese government that complies with both travel document standards and security requirements.

CNAS Health Card

Romania becomes one of the first countries in Europe to issue e-health insurance cards

In one of the first and largest electronic health insurance card development projects in Europe, the Romanian Health Insurance Authority successfully replaced its previous system with a new platform.

hungarian id

Hungary rolls out one of the world’s most advanced e-identity cards in record time

In just a few months, ID&Trust developed Hungary’s new electronic identity card. The card was introduced in 2016 and is considered one of the world’s most state-of-the-art eID systems.



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