Mobile ID Verification: MobileID

Faster, simpler and more secure verification: with MobileID, users can move their ID documents to their smartphones and show them in a few taps whenever needed for official purposes. With MobileID, ID documents can be stored securely on smartphones. The solution creates authentic digital copies of users’ ID documents on their mobiles for accessing in-person and online services and for official purposes – just like physical IDs.

Mobile Verification

MobileID is available as a fully-fledged white-label app or as a software development kit (SDK), both for Android and iOS smartphones. The application is basically a digital wallet, which securely stores authentic digital copies of identity documents.


The MobileID ecosystem is built around a digital ID system, which ensures communication between the app and government databases in regard to the issuance and use of documents. Thanks to its customer service component, most administrative processes can be moved from government offices to the digital space immediately.


Digital identity stored on smartphones is the most effective way to verify citizens both within and across borders (e.g. at airports). Our digital wallet solution is fully compliant with ICAO DTC specifications to ensure interoperable, future-proof technology for our customers.


Data is placed in a special, hardware-based encrypted data safe (SecureBox), and it can only be extracted from there with the phone owner’s approval. Our own multi-layered SecureBox technology prevents data from getting into the wrong hands even if the smartphone’s operating system has been hacked.


white box

Allows the digitalization of bureaucratic procedures such as electronic voting or digital signature

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Reduces the possibility of identity document fraud

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Offers a secure and convenient alternative to physical documents

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Enables the cost-effective issuance and life cycle management of IDs

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Cuts manufacturing and logistical costs as well as environmental impact

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Ensures ICAO DTC interoperability


  • On-the-spot verification with digital ID

  • Multi-factor customer authentication, fast and safe login online

  • Electronic signature that meets European eIDAS requirements

  • Digital IDs can be issued in government office branches simultaneously with their physical counterparts.

  • When the physical document is already available, it is possible to securely request a digital ID online and then install the digital copy remotely on the user’s mobile.

  • Assuring compliance with the new EUID Wallet requirements.


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