Secure middleware for e-signature and e-ID: SmartID Middleware

Our SmartID Middleware connects smart cards to applications through standard interfaces. It ensures that e-ID document functions such as e-signature and e-ID can be accessed by third-party applications, online and offline.


SmartID Middleware enables PKI applications to use any type of cryptographic tokens through standard APIs. Highly customizable and easy to integrate, the middleware can be used with a variety of secure signature creation devices in trusted and untrusted signature environments.


The e-ID Client module and corresponding e-ID Server subsystem make access to ID cards’ eIDAS token functions possible, such as age verification, restricted identification and ID attribute sharing, via OpenID Connect. It ensures fast and easy integration of the e-ID card functions with third-party systems, making the e-ID card the centre of the digital identity ecosystem.


The SmartID Token Management Utility allows users to manage all objects on their cards, including PINs, PUKs, certificates and personal data.


The Mobile SDK module also works with the e-ID server subsystem in order to make e-signature and e-ID functions accessible to Android and iOS smartphones with an NFC interface.


  • Maximum efficiency by using existing cards and equipment

  • Flexible, customizable software that minimizes costs

  • Card management through a single interface for better control

  • Increased security even in untrusted environments

  • Supports all ID cards functions

  • Can be used for online and offline use cases

  • Supports the most popular PC operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) as well as mobile operating systems (iOS, Android)


All Smart ID components are built in a modular way to support a wide range of smart cards and can be customized for proprietary cards

  • Microsoft CSP

  • Microsoft Mini Driver

  • PKCS 11

  • Token Management Utility

  • OpenID Connect


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