Digital travel credentials: seamless, contactless airport passenger experience

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In the not-so-distant future, mobile ID solutions based on ICAO’s new DTC standards can make travelling across airports and airlines more secure and more enjoyable. A multi-function ID card platform for biometric ePassports, mobile ID ecosystem, smart card personalization and distribution, plus ID middleware: ID&Trust offers all the building blocks governments need to issue DTCs for their citizens which can double as digital passports.

GRAPHICS Digital Travel Credentials

According to IATA’s 2019 Global Passenger Survey, seamless travel is a top priority for passengers. Seventy-two percent are in favour of automated gates, because they speed up immigration controls and shore up security. Seventy percent would also be willing to extend the use of biometrics to make their journey less of a hassle, airport services more tailored and available travel details more accurate.

Digital travel credentials have the potential to complement, and further down the line even replace, ePassports by reliably verifying passenger identity and improving airport passenger experience. Not to mention that mobile ID solutions, based on the new ICAO DTC standards, can also include standardized vaccine and immunity certificates once Covid-19 travel passes are accepted internationally.

How does it work?

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Passengers can set up their own DTC with a smartphone, either from home or at a branch office of the issuing authority. Checking in through the airline’s website on their mobile and, at the airport, passengers can swiftly go through the automated border control gates thanks to facial recognition technology. User identity can be verified through smartphones, which cuts checking time by more than two-thirds.

Why switch to DTC?

Digital travel credentials can help governments improve border control capabilities via biometric pre-screening and make border-crossings frictionless. But they are far from being the only ones to benefit.


  • faster, easier identity verification
  • better-quality data
  • no need for document and boarding pass checking


  • contactless travel experience
  • more realistic connection times
  • reduced congestion

Border control and immigration

  • faster, easier identity verification
  • more accurate pre-screening
  • more resources available to monitor high-risk travellers


Our DTC solution includes everything governments need to issue ICAO-compliant DTCs for citizens as well as immunity or vaccination certificates through a mobile ID app, from personalization and issuance capabilities through ID middleware to a mobile ID ecosystem. Plus, our team of seasoned eID experts is ready to help you turn your technology investment into the best decision you have ever made.

Since our foundation in 2002, we have worked on several pioneering projects, both local and international, for private and public organizations. We have developed ICAO-compliant electronic passports in Japan, health cards for 20 million people in Romania and a multifunctional card solution for eIDAS-compliant, new-generation electronic ID cards in Hungary.


Learn about our latest projects from around the world and how they have benefited our clients.

japan passport

ID&Trust’s e-passport solution meets the strictest requirements in Japan

ID&Trust teamed up with leading multinational partners to develop an e-passport solution for the Japanese government that complies with both travel document standards and security requirements.

CNAS Health Card

Romania becomes one of the first countries in Europe to issue e-health insurance cards

In one of the first and largest electronic health insurance card development projects in Europe, the Romanian Health Insurance Authority successfully replaced its previous system with a new platform.

hungarian id

Hungary rolls out one of the world’s most advanced e-identity cards in record time

In just a few months, ID&Trust developed Hungary’s new electronic identity card. The card was introduced in 2016 and is considered one of the world’s most state-of-the-art eID systems.



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