Card Personalisation and Issuance: SPPS

Smart Personalisation and Preparation System (SPPS) covers the entire process of issuing smart cards, from importing and preparing data through production to key and lifecycle management. It allows organisations to turn empty smart cards into fully-fledged identity documents independently.


Our SPPS solution has been designed with card issuers, data collectors and card personalisation bureaus in mind. It covers the entire process of multi-application smart card issuance, while boosting the efficiency, control and security of card production in a cost-effective way. Meeting the highest industry-accepted security standards, SPPS imports, extracts, transforms and generates data for personalization and manages the whole production lifecycle of smart cards.

The solution has a separate module for each step of the card issuance process. It also plays well with third-party modules, with communication taking place on a well-built interface for improved cost-effectiveness.

Besides the physical ID card, SPPS can create a virtual counterpart – e.g. on a smartphone – to support the remote enrolment of ICAO-compliant digital identities. It can also be easily integrated into the mobile identity ecosystem.




SPPS Console manages the process of personalising smart cards, end to end. Suitable for multi-application cards, it’s a cost-effective solution that leverages your existing infrastructure and equipment. Sensitive data is handled in line with the strictest industry standards.

Chip Coding

Chip Coding

SPPS’s coding module can be used with all common smart cards. SPPS Chip Coding seamlessly integrates with other modules and card printers for a smooth card personalisation process.


Key Management

SPPS Key Management generates, imports and exports the keys and tokens used in the production process. It works together with all other SPPS modules and supplies them with secure data.

Quality Control

Quality Control

SPPS Quality Control verifies the content of smart cards produced with SPPS. It gives a detailed, 360-degree view of card condition and quality as well as the file structure and the data stored on the card.

Import export

Import and Export

Customizable according to data format, content and data security level. It can handle symmetric and asymmetric cryptography as well as entity- and document-level encryptions. For multi-application smart cards, the module writes all required contingents on the card simultaneously.

Data Porotection

Data Preparation

This module prepares data for personalisation according to current configuration, making sure the information is written on the card in a secure and efficient way.


Workflow Management

SPPS Workflow Management offers holistic control over the card issuance process. Reuse processes and handle all events with intelligent card personalisation. The module also makes sure that card bureau workflows are audit-ready.

Secure Token

Secure Token-based Authentication and Role-based Access Control

Use this module to manage shared responsibility in the case of tasks with multiple users assigned.


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